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There are sure to be more surprises in

If you want to slim down Wholesale Jerseys , you desire to see it occurring. There are many suggestions available to you, however you ought to be individual. You will find, even though Cheap New Soccer Jerseys , some pointers that will can assist you to to instant results.

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What a great weekend for the FA Cup!

This year's fourth round threw up the David and Goliath victories that the competition has made its reputation on.

Chief among the smaller clubs celebrating a historic -giant-killing were Bradford City. The Bantams came from two behind away to Chelsea to run out 4-2 winners and the talk of the round Cheap Authentic Soccer Jerseys , with some discussing it is the biggest shock in the history of the world's oldest cup competition.

Middlesborough also made headlines for their performance as they took another unexpected scalp at the home of Premier League champions Manchester City.

The Premier League's top two being dumped out of the cup by a club chasing the Championship title and the side seventh in League One is the FA Cup at its best.

Elsewhere, creditable results for Championship sides Bolton (16th), Blackburn (10th) and Fulham (14th) against top-flight opposition Cambridge (13th) saw them join Boro and Bradford in the draw for the fifth round.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho branded his side's result as disgraceful but added that he was happy for Bradford who were last in the fifth round in the last century.

Media-savvy Mourinho was right on both counts. Well done to the unfashionable Yorkshire side but Chelsea really should not be getting turned over by them at Stamford Bridge.

In a week where Deloitte revealed that every single Premier League team is on their list of the world's 40 highest-earning clubs Cheap Wholesale Soccer Jerseys , it's surprising to see journey-man Jon Stead give Chelsea the blues.

It shouldn't happen but it does and that's partly the -reason anyone loves -soccer. Seeing superstars on the wrong end of a -result like that gives hope to every team, fans and players alike. With every big name that falls, the chance that this could -finally be the year increases for everyone left in the hat.

By the time that the fifth round rolls around on Valentine's Day Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China , the romance of the cup may have also claimed Manchester United and Liver-pool, giving hope to a great many more.

There are sure to be more surprises in store on the road to Wembley but the biggest of all might be who gets there. A West Ham United versus Stoke City final, for example Cheap Soccer Jerseys China , would make this an FA Cup never to forget.

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